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Natural care horse boarding is a practice that understands and incorporates the natural needs of horses, supporting rather than suppressing the horse's natural behaviour.


We offer a stimulating environment to benefit the horse’s health, hoof, and well-being, all practices are based upon the study of horses in the wild. Our stables and beautiful landscape with rolling hills allow horses to naturally develop into their healthiest versions.

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Providing a Healthy Environment  For Your Horse

Here are some known benefits of the natural care boarding:
  • Behaviour driven movement – resulting in fitter horses all year round

  • Reduction or mitigation of aggressive behaviour

  • Improved mental stimulation and health

  • Optimised hoof growth and producing healthier, stronger hooves

  • Aids the digestive system

  • Allows horses to behave in instinctual ways

  • Fosters herd interaction and bonding

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Two Options To Suit Your Budget 

Our services are customizable and can we arrange for additional care on request.

Contact us for a quote

Full Boarding

  • We feed each horse grain up to 2x daily. We work with your horses needs. If you don't like our barn grain no worries you can bring your own. 

  • During the winter months horses are provided with 24/7 access to round bales in each field.  

  • Each stall has quality hay and shavings, 2 water buckets, corner feeder, and comes with its own electrical outlet. 

  • Small group turnout with over 5 + acres in each field 

  • No charge for added supplements to AM/PM grain provided by owner. 

  • All boarders will be provided their own individual space in one of our two large tack rooms. 

  • Full use of facility which consists of the lighted outdoor arena, round pen, hot/cold indoor wash stall, and a heated bathroom. 

  • Option to stay with your current veterinarian and farrier.  KW Stables coordinates spring & fall vaccine appointments and will be present at no additional charge.

Self-Care Boarding

  • Owner is responsible for daily feed, hay, shavings, and water. Hay will be stored in the hay loft with your own designated section. 

  • Stall is provided to owner.  Owner is responsible for cleaning the stall. 

  • Hay and Shavings are available for purchase from the farm if needed.

  • Owner is responsible for turning their horse in/out. 

  • A  space in one of our two large tack rooms 

  • Full use of facility which consists of the lighted outdoor arena, round pen, hot/cold indoor wash stall, and a heated bathroom. 

  • Owner is responsible for setting up farrier and veterinarian appointments

Boarding Discounts

We provide incentivized boarding options to reduce your boarding fees in exchange for the use of your horse during therapy and learning activities. Please contact KW Stables to learn more. Boarding discounts to use the horse.

Additional Services

Blanket Changing 

Is an additional $50/month per horse. Each boarder is allowed one blanket change per day. The type of blanket that you would like on your horse needs to be clearly stated on the horses stall door or communicated with KW Stables directly. 


Deworming is done on a bi-yearly basis. We deworm the horses on the property at the same time so we do not have parasite overload. This service is provided by KW STABLES and is a MUST. Each boarder will be billed $20 for this service 2x per year. 


We provide grooming services on as needed basis for $100/month. Your horse will be groomed up to 3x per week. This arrangement should be made with KW Stables BEFORE the beginning of each month. 


Emergency Hauling Services Available!

At KW Stables we have a three-horse trailer that is always ready in case of an emergency. No need to wait hours for equine transporter in an emergency situation. 

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